Souvenir a calendar with photos "the Kola adventures"

Calendar the Kola adventures 2007.      The sirs!
     On behalf of round - club " the Wanderers of North". I congratulate all with stepping 2007! With One year a Pig!
     And as always, for new year it is accepted to give gifts. We give to you a new colourful calendar for 2007! The photos which have come in its registration were made on the Kola peninsula in a different season, different people, but always "Wanderers of North" participated in these events.
     The size of a file in archive has turned out 1,3 MB. The sanction 150 points on inch. Initially calendar is designed for a seal on a format А3, but at desire it is possible and on А4.
     In the future we plan to let out calendars on seasons on the Kola peninsula.
     I apologize for quality of my English language.

To take a calendar it is possible here. Press here!

We invite to meeting 2007 of New Year!

Here there is a multisports calendar .

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