Multisports on Kola!
Мultisports festival in Khibiny

Мultisports festival  in Khibiny on Kola!

     Summer of 2006 is coming! Many people, interested in sports events, remember that in 2004 " the Wonderers of the North ", together with club " 68-th parallel " organized the first summer multisports fastival on Kola peninsula, and in 2005 led the second race. This year Festival of multisports is planned in July and will consist of 2 steps. The most northern multisports race in Russia is in the programme of the festival. We invite local and nonresident commands. We accept participation applications.
     If you don't know, multisports is a competition of universal sportsmen. You can see various ways of movement there- from navigation to paraplanes flights. But creation competitions for elites only is not our aim at present. We wish to attach as much new participants to this young and perspective kind of adventure races as possible.
     The Khibiny race consists of seven stages. It is running, rowing by a rubber boat, conducted-trial, mountain bicycle driving, tracking - orientation, a rocky stage, a rope ferry.
     We are planning to extend a route of extrim stage up to 50 - 70 km, but our future plans are to make race almost through the whole Kola peninsula and then its extent will make 300 - 500 km.
     In 2004 not only our local commands but also famous multisportsmen from St.-Petersburg came to take part in our race, in 2005 to the most senior participant there was 55 years old, the youngest one was of 14. The race is divided into two levels - "National" (for beginners) and "Extreme" (for skilled sportsmen).
     "National" is a very short race with control time no more than one -two hours. The race starts in Kirovsk and goes on in its suburb. The most entertainment stages, by already developed tradition, will pass near the start. Even students can take part in it. They can receive invaluable skills of participation in multirace there. This stage will unite a city race and a cross-country one.
     "The extreme " starts in the same place as in the last year with significant lengthening and change in stages sequence. Serious struggle for prize-winning places is expected. Prizes in our race are tourist equipment, and we also expect, that local businessmen and nonresident firms will be connected to increase our prize fund.
     If you are interested in" II Khibinsky multisports Festival " you can get more information about it on our siteЕ_multisport.htm. The application can be issued by phones in Apatitys (Russian language) 8(81555) 7-37-16, 7-86-38, 7-67-94 or E-mail: (English),, (German). Many people consider that multisport is not for them. You can have a look on a report and a videoclip about the first and the second "Khibiny multisports festival" and leave your opinion on the site. Welcome to our race! You can be a sportsman, spectator or just fan!
     Official page "Khibiny festival of multisports" on russian language.
     At us is Beautiful Calendar of Multisport format А3 Special of page.

     VIDEO II Мultisports festival in Khibiny

     I Хибинский Фестиваль Мультиспорта 2004 (отчёт, foto)

     II Хибинский Фестиваль мультиспорта 2005 (положение, описание, foto)

     СПОНСОРЫ   I Хибинского Фестиваля Мультиспорта:
     ПИК-99 - производитель снаряжения, С. Петербург;
     ЧП Беленький Дмитрий Владимирович, т.д. "Модерн" отдел "Маленькие соблазны", г. Апатиты;
     ЧП Горошинская Ольга Ивановна, Затураев Рудольф Юрьевич "Рыболовные товары на Олимпийской", г. Кировск;
     ЧП Юхман Владимир Владимирович, "Экстра спорт", г. Кировск;
     ЧП Батуров Владимир Александрович, "Всё для дома", г. Кировск;
     Николаев Алексей Владимирович, г. Апатиты;
     Типография "К&М", г. Апатиты;
     Торговый дом "Тимур", г. Апатиты;
     на этом месте может быть ваша фамилия, название фирмы, баннеры ...

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